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Virgin Media
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Reading, UK
Brand Impact Awards

The Challenge

With the relocation of their brand headquarters to Reading, Virgin Media needed help bringing their brand purpose, personality and values to life for employees in a new space that channels the company’s roots as a challenger with ‘mischief in their bones’, and defies the typical office format in order to attract, engage and retain the best talent.

Virgin Media Virgin Media

The Solution

After immersing ourselves in the Virgin Media brand, their people and the wider global context of the modern workplace, we led the translation of the brand into a workspace experience, creating the vision for the spaces, communications and signage that ensured that Virgin Media’s core purpose of ‘Building connections that really matter’ was brought to life in their new experiential brand home. The new concept has a strong social focus, with an emphasis on culture and communication.

Playful shape and form

Virgin Media’s playful side is represented throughout - we blew up Virgin Media's iconic infinity loop to create a super-scale sculpture suspended in the atrium, greeting employees and guests as soon as they enter the office. A giant disco ball hangs above the restaurant and bubbly fruit-shaped check-in pods inspired by brand assets feature in Reception. The pods allow for a concierge-style service and avoid the barrier caused by a standard welcome desk.

An oasis of calm

A bookable chill-out area on the Ground Floor - The Retreat - is available for staff to practise yoga, read or simply take some time out from their working day, with each floor featuring its own smaller format space.

Cheeky signage

Virgin Media's fun-filled personality is brought to life in the space with bold signage, light-hearted messaging and little moments that make you smile, such as the bold, pink branding of the new cafe.

Building connections

Corridors painted in bold gradients and block colours create portals and experiential journeys throughout the building. These portals - including an immersive red entrance cube - support Virgin Media’s brand purpose of 'building connections that really matter', acting as transition spaces throughout the building to connect work, play and people together.

Brand values

Virgin Media's values are embedded in the new workspace experience, reminding employees and visitors of the brand's core beliefs and practices.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Staying true to the brand's roots, the concept also supports the entrepreneurial spirit of employees, providing them with a shop set-up to share their out-of-work projects and side hustles.

More than just red

The colour palette has been extended out to incorporate the brand’s plum and pink shades as well as their signature red. The shape and form of the infinity loop has been translated into the workplace through the use of curved curtains that create zones and soften the space.

ACE Dalziel Pow Virgin Media DSC1604


Brand Impact Awards 2020
Brand Impact Bronze Award - Telecoms
The Drum Experience Awards 2020
Finalist - Experiential Design

D&P were instrumental in developing our creative strategy for Virgin Media environments, with our new Reading HQ as the blueprint. They took the essence of our Virgin Media brand and expressed it in our most dynamic environment yet, pushing the boundaries to deliver our purpose and values through every touchpoint in innovative and delightfully surprising ways and creating a new experience that our people have fallen head over heels for.” Katie Wise
Senior Brand Experience Manager, Virgin Media

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