A brand flagship with a more personalised experience

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Research & Profiling, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Communications Design
London and Europe

The Challenge

To bring together the Victorinox brand story, products, and core values within a new flagship brand home and retail experience.

Our Approach & Solution

We created this concept to bring together all the elements of the Victorinox lifestyle and ethos whilst creating a modern, premium and inviting space incorporating subtle technology alongside a more tactile experience.

The new flagship space and design concept bring together the Victorinox story, products, and core values with its ultimate shopping experience. Personalization stations allow visitors to assemble their own Swiss Army Knife and have it customized to their liking, whilst the brand's full offer and range are presented to allow people to better engage and experience the products.

What our client says

I am thrilled with the new retail design. It authentically reflects our positioning as a premium brand and provides our customers with a unique brand experience” Carl Elsener
CEO Victorinox

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