The Studio - empowering people to have a better connected life

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Experience Strategy, Omnichannel Strategy & Journeys, Format Strategy, Brand Homes & Destinations, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Communications Design

The Challenge

To define and create a vision for EE's future in retail, and the brand's ambition to empower people with the best connectivity and technology solutions for a better-connected life, while also serving as a hub for the local community to work, learn, and play.

Our Approach & Solution

This innovative new concept is an experience that totally reinvents the role of the traditional phone shop, moving away from passive product displays and non-interactive demos, to instead focus on creating long-term customer relationships through interactive and inspirational spaces that will leave people eager to revisit, even when purchasing isn’t on their agenda.

Creative Director Richard Bennett talks with FRAME about the Studio concept.

Our EE Studio store has been designed to create standout experiences that reflect the changing needs of our customers and the increasingly connected lives they lead. As part of our ambition to become the most personal, customer-focused brand in the UK, we are proud to be offering our customers the chance to get up close and personal with the latest innovations and game-changing technology that is right for them.” Bridget Lea, Managing Director of Commercial at EE

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