The Briefing

Issue 48

Welcome to the latest edition of The Briefing, a little inspiration highlighting innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to David W, Mick, Emma C and Leah for these contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 12. 08. 2022

The Outernet hosted a metaverse retail experience where physical fashion and digital wearables were combined. The immersive entertainment district creates new ways for communities to experience music, arts and culture through the latest immersive technology.

01 Outernet

As temperatures soared to 40 degrees in London, White Claw offered a chance to cool off with their cooling wall that absorbs body heat! A combination of heat-proof paint and touch-activated cooling mats lowered the body temperature of those in Shoreditch.

02 white claw
©White Claw

Boots has taken to the sky with its first drone delivering prescriptions from Portsmouth to the Isle of White! Boots are looking to explore the wider use of technology in the future to benefit transport time and economic efficiency.

03 boots drone

Best Buy’s digital-first store is one of many brands reevaluating their use of physical stores post-pandemic. Their new smaller space will have a curated product selection on display, stock in the back and a digital service bringing the two together.

04 best buy
©Best Buy

Lastly, get creative with AI-generated art and create scenes of anything you can imagine, just with a collage and a prompt!

05 ai art

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