The Briefing

Issue 44

Welcome to the latest edition of The Briefing, a little inspiration highlighting innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Ed, Emma, and Isobel for these contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 06. 05. 2022

With the growth of the Circular Economy being imperative, ThredUP have published an interesting report packed full of powerful stats on the growth in resale. (US focused)

Screenshot 2022 05 04 at 14 51 13

It’s an important and timely subject, and below are some interesting ideas we’ve recently seen linked to it.

Launched on Earth Day, ‘Ebay Imperfect’ is a new marketplace and platform to sell new but damaged clothes from over 100 brands including Off-White and The North Face. Helping in some way to reduce fashion's landfill problem.

Screenshot 2022 05 04 at 14 36 17

Levi’s hosts free denim upcycling workshops in their London concept store, and an accompanying exhibition showcases objects made from upcycled denim. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the educational association Store, focuses on teaching denim upcycling techniques.

Levi dezeen 2364 col 4

More from Nike Grind (their sustainability programme) with a collab with Kirei (makers of eco-friendly materials) to create an acoustic solution called the ‘Air Baffle’, made from Nike’s manufacturing scraps and end-of-life footwear.

Screenshot 2022 05 04 at 14 27 23

And lastly, there’s been a lot of commentary about Meta opening a store, however as it doesn’t open until next week, we thought we’d share more from Meta discussing the thinking, ideas, and plans for this initiative.

Screenshot 2022 05 04 at 14 15 36

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