The Briefing

Issue 34

Welcome to the latest edition of The Briefing, sharing innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Michelle, Rocco, Rich M, and Mark for these contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 05. 11. 2021

Nike’s new design and research centre – the LeBron James Innovation Center – brings shoe & apparel designers and researchers together. According to Nike, it’s the most advanced sports research facility it’s ever made, and 85% of the athletes being studied will be ‘everyday’ people.

Nike Sports Research Lab Le Bron James Innovation Center 11 native 1600

Selfridges is partnering with The Toy Project for a pop-up this Christmas where you can browse pre-loved and unique toys and donate unwanted toys to keep them in circulation. Profits from this charity fund community workshops, toy and book libraries, as well as community events.

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©Selfrides / The Toy Project

Mental Canvas takes ‘drawing’ to a new place. Born out of a vision to bring drawing into the digital age and originally developed by a research team at Yale, this new platform elevates drawing and changes the concept of what a drawing can be.

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©Mental Canvas

‘Hempcrete or Hempwood’ – is Hemp the next big and sustainable disruptor in construction? With its fast cultivation rate, higher carbon capture, and advances in processing, Architectural Magazine argues it could be the ‘next big thing in structural systems’.

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LEGO Group and Yinka Ilori create the Launderette of Dreams pop-up in London, an art installation meets play space inspired by the creative optimism of children. With over 200,000 bricks to gamify the machines and decor, the space is turned into interactive play experiences.

211026 lego yinkailori markcocksedge 001
©Lego / Yinka Ilori

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