The Briefing

Issue 27

Welcome to our weekly edition of The Briefing, sharing innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Michelle, David W, Paul, and Lottie for this week's contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 16. 08. 2021

The solution is dilution! Everdaily is a new sustainable cleaning product that uses different concentrations for different cleaning purposes through dilution. It’s a powerful innovation that brings transparency, simplification, and environmental benefits.

Screenshot 2021 08 13 at 16 22 30
© Everdaily

This piece of R&D from George Cave on a flexible touch screen from Royole Corporation caught our attention and got us thinking. It’s one to watch to see how this technology and its application develops.

Screenshot 2021 08 13 at 16 25 21
© George Cave

The new FREITAG store in Rotterdam isn’t just about their bags but the brand’s links with recyclable forms of transport too. You can hire recycled bicycles, take a bag for a test ride or view their story in a pedal powered ‘cinema’.

FREITAG STORE AMSTERDAM Flare Dept Highres 5 thumb
© Freitag

Interesting concept from Flannels with their ‘beauty changing rooms’, building on the growing idea of ‘discovery spots’ to better experience new products, brands, and trends in a more intimate and personal space.

Screenshot 2021 08 13 at 16 08 02
© Flannels

Isle of Harris distillery is trialing a subscription model to address the impact of recycling their bottles with a more sustainable refill option. All businesses should review their environmental impact as highlighted by the UN’s 'Code Red Report’.

Screenshot 2021 08 13 at 16 08 54
© Isle of Harris

Let us know below what you think and any others you’ve seen this week that are worth sharing - get in touch.

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