The Briefing

Issue 26

Welcome to our weekly edition of The Briefing, sharing innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Tiff, Michelle, and Matt for this week’s contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 09. 08. 2021

First up Zara, who has wowed on social media over the weekend with their impressive 3D animated windows in Soho NY, created by Shane Fu.

Screen Shot 2021 08 09 at 12 48 13 PM
© Zara / Stephen Fu

War Paint has opened the 'world's first make-up store for men' on Carnaby Street. The store, which stocks the brand's entire range, also has a focus on mental health by partnering with The Lions Barber Collective offering haircuts with barbers trained in mental health support.

29a5 1
© War Paint

Another innovative use of AR, this time with Reebok's ‘Courting Greatness’ campaign that empowers anyone to ‘create playable basketball spaces where they may not exist’. Achieved by an AR tool that maps out the dimensions of an official court on any surface, wall, or object.

© Reebok

Finally, an immersive large-scale art installation comes to Covent Garden Market from the 26th August from artist Chila Burman. The installation will feature neon sculptures, collages, and uplifting words – something we all need right now.

Screenshot 2021 08 09 at 15 41 55
© Chila Burman

Let us know below what you think and any others you’ve seen this week that are worth sharing - get in touch.

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