The Briefing

Issue 24

Welcome to our weekly edition of The Briefing, sharing innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Emma, Mick, David W, and Ed for this week’s contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 23. 07. 2021

More moves in using AR as a shopping tool with @Snap buying Vertebrae, a company that creates 3D models of products that shoppers can buy within Snapchat. Snap’s recent work with @Gucci to virtually try sneakers showed people were more likely to buy after interacting with the 3D model.

Screenshot 2021 07 21 at 10 14 54
© Snap / Gucci

A new Camp space, where you’re encouraged to make a mess. Art CAMP focuses on creativity; browse products, enjoy arts and crafts, join theatre workshops, or storytime around a play campsite. It’s a great experience and take on retail, where families can spend time together.

Screenshot 2021 07 21 at 16 15 30
© Camp

A simple yet powerful campaign – ‘The Welcome back. Tube it. Bus it. Train it.’ – by advertising agency @VCCP sees @Transport for London hijack its own signage to welcome Londoners back as the city begins to reopen.

Transport For London Tube Underground Roundel Logo Signage Reopening 1

Tokyo's Harajuku neighbourhood has been turned into a virtual shopping experience as part of the expanded virtual Shibuya town project celebrating its first anniversary. It’s definitely one way of saving the ‘high street’ – by putting it in the Metaverse.


An amazing initiative – @The Human Library organisation – where you 'borrow' a person instead of a book and listen to their life story. Active in 70 countries since launching in Denmark in 2000, it aims to fight prejudice with people having titles like 'alcoholic', 'refugee' or 'unemployed'.

17807279 1283889421679480 4414713607186787248 o 2048x1058
© the Human Library

Lastly, a new public artwork ‘the Endless Ribbon’ by Morag Myerscough in a Coventry high street. The work ‘wraps’ the street, forming a continuous ribbon to create a cheerful installation. We’d love to see more installations breathe new life into city centres and high streets.

0dd57c540ff724b929d042b7c6ca0d6c98536977 1620
© Morag Myerscough

Let us know below what you think and any others you’ve seen this week that are worth sharing - get in touch.

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