The Briefing

Issue 16

Welcome to our weekly edition of The Briefing, sharing innovations, news, and insights that have caught our eye. Thanks to Michelle, Celine, Mick, and David for this week’s contributions.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 28. 05. 2021

‘Project Starline’ is an amazing innovation from Google that brings people closer together in such a relevant and timely way. ’Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions’ –

Blog HERO max 1000x1000

Also from Google, their first permanent store – a strong endorsement of ‬the need for physical spaces in marketing and brand experience –


Family experience brand CAMP creates a more interactive – and importantly safe – online shopping experience geared towards their 3-12 year old audience –

CAMP hero 1200x600

Inspiring stuff from Three UK x Samaritans #betterphonefriend campaign, that teaches how to be a better listener with regards to mental health. Authentic to both and very relevant –

Interviewer anim CC v28 0 00 05
©Three UK X Samaritans

AR innovation gathers pace as Snap Inc. launches their latest glasses. They’re not for sale but being shared with developers and helping build momentum for AR to be used more widely –

Spectacles Clay Weishaar Lens 1

Let us know below what you think and any others you’ve seen this week that are worth sharing - get in touch.

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