Experiences we love – February 19

Inside this month's Experiences we love is Selfridges' State of The Arts campaign, LEGO Wear's virtual boutique, the new Alexander McQueen flagship, a beauty store from Chanel, and a Clinique pop-up.

By Annabelle Mayor
Posted 28. 02. 2019
Experiences we love feb

Selfridges State of The Arts

Selfridges launched its State of The Arts campaign in January, turning its department stores into galleries.

Selfridges State of the Arts

What we love

The art. Nine installations are on display in the Oxford Street flagship’s windows, featuring pieces by Yayoi Kusama, Darren Almond, Chantal Joffe, and other renowned artists. Art is also on display inside the store. Selfridges Manchester has partnered with Manchester School of Art to showcase emerging local talent and Selfridges Birmingham is featuring works from the IKON gallery for its in-store art trail.

The pop-ups. Taking up residence at Selfridges’ ‘The Corner Shop’ is The Art Store, where visitors can buy pieces from famous artists or art materials courtesy of Cass Art. Also in The Corner Shop is The Art Tank, an events space with classes, performances, and a pop-up cocktail bar taking place.

The extra content. For those interested in finding out more about London’s window installations, there’s an audio art trail users can listen to. Selfridges also launched a State of the Arts podcast discussing different art-related topics in an accessible way.

LEGO Wear’s The Missing Piece

LEGO Wear set up a pop-up boutique to launch a limited edition clothing collection for adults. However, the store was far from your average pop-up – the boutique existed virtually and was only accessible via Snapchat.

LEGO Wear pop up

What we love

It’s unexpected. Visitors to the store walked into a completely empty space save for a Snapcode on a plinth. Once they scanned the code in the app, the augmented reality boutique came to life on their phone. Inside the virtual store shoppers could browse and purchase the collections. There was also a DJ, an arcade machine, and security manning the virtual doors.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s new flagship on Old Bond Street is a treasure trove for fashion fans.

Alexander McQueen Bond Street

What we love

The design. Natural elements are incorporated throughout the store as a nod to the brand’s fascination with nature. The space is clad in wooden floors, walls, and ceilings, while sculptures made from natural materials can be seen throughout. Huge curtains printed with the brand’s signature butterflies cloak changing rooms and ornamental insects line a net taking up the entire shop window.

The archive. On the top floor of the flagship sits an archive of past collections, giving visitors some insight into the house’s creative process. It’s an exhibition of McQueen’s inspiration, craftsmanship, and design. Also, a member of the design team is often present to answer any visitor questions.

The Atelier Beauté Chanel

Chanel’s new beauty concept store in SoHo, New York, is a sophisticated playground for makeup fans.

Atelier Beaute Chanel

What we love

It’s experience-focussed. Described as a ‘workshop’ rather than a store, visitors are free, and even encouraged, to play around with the products. There’s a lipstick bar with samples of every Chanel lip product to try on. There’s a Skin Service zone where visitors can receive skincare consultations. A perfume room contains each of the brand’s scent in porcelain testers. There’s also a @WeLoveCoco section, named after the brand’s community Instagram page, that’s perfectly lit for selfies so visitors can share their beauty looks.

It’s well thought out. Visitors can stash away their belongings in lockers – branded with the ‘double-C’ motif – so they aren’t encumbered by their bags or scarves or other possessions. Afterwards, there are sinks and cleansing products for shoppers to wash their faces before applying as many Chanel products as they’d like.

Clinique iD Pop-up

To promote its Clinique iD range of moisturisers, the brand opened up a pop-up store in SoHo, New York, its first standalone shop in the U.S.

Clinique iD pop up

What we love

The immersive tech. When shoppers enter the store, their faces are snapped by iPads that identify their skin issues and give them a consultation. It then determines which Clinique iD product is most suited to them. At the back of the store is a green screen with background options and various props for a photo opportunity. There’s also a VR station where visitors can take a virtual trip to Iceland.

The personalisation. Shoppers can customise their moisturiser to create the perfect blend for their skin type. Once they pick up their bottle, they can add stickers and custom labels to it – fun!

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