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Wonderlab: the Science Museum’s new interactive exhibition


Wonderlab is the newest and most interactive exhibition at the Science Museum. It gives visitors the chance to experiment with more than 50 different models and objects, including a large-scale model of the solar system, a showspace theatre and slides.


Aiming to create an immersive playground experience, the space is spread across seven different zones: Light, Matter, Space, Sound, Maths, Electricity and Forces. Each one of the zones gives the opportunity to be part of a real scientific experiment, to get creative, use your skills and discover new things. You can order a ‘life experiment’ at the Chemistry Bar or go to the demonstration shows at the theatre.


The Light exhibition features an Infinity Mirror Box, creating the illusion of an endless space, a Colour Room which experiments with how light changes the colour of different objects and a Heat Camera.


Once inside the exhibition you can create flowing mist and cloud rings, experiment with sound waves and magnetic liquid, see small-scale lighting strike, or try to capture the moment of a droplet splashing into water.


Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London,

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