VMSD Retail Renovation Competition 2015

We're delighted to announced have been awarded in the VMSD Retail Renovation Competition 2015. Read more on this blog.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 21. 09. 2015
PRI2491 H

At a ceremony at the IRDC event in Austin earlier this month, our concepts for Rockar, Primark and The White Company were awarded in this year’s VMSD Retail Renovation Competition. Rockar (Kent, England) won first place in the Conversion – Specialty Store (sales area under 10,000sqft) category. Primark (Berlin, Germany) received an Honourable Mention in this same category and The White Company (Norwich, England) received an Honourable Mention for Renovation – Speciality Store (sales area under 10,000sqft).

VMSD is an American magazine that provides valued insight into the visual merchandising and store design industry.

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