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I don’t suffer from vertigo, but after watching this crazy duo, I feel like I do!

© Vitaliy Raskalov, Vadim Makhorov – ontheroofs

Just two guys from Russia who love climbing and photography, which luckily for us goes hand in hand. Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, 21 and 25 years old from Ukraine and Russia.

© Vitaliy Raskalov, Vadim Makhorov – ontheroofs
© Vitaliy Raskalov, Vadim Makhorov – ontheroofs

ontheroofs is a project started by the duo dedicated to urban exploration. They have been to incredible places such as the Pyramid of Cheops, Cologne Cathedral, the Shanghai Tower and the top star of one of the Stalin’s high-rises to name a few.

The latest excursion has taken them to the Shenzhen Tower in China, standing at a whopping 660 metres high, which makes it the second tallest building in the world.

The video below is a must watch and the images they have from the trip are breathtaking.

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