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Alter Ego: Circuit Cities

An incredible post I came across from Behance.

Circuit Cities is a project that was a response to the brief: ‘Create an alter ego that amplifies, undermines or rediscovers an element of yourself.’


Hieu Trans is Theodore Watson, former computer engineer, currently works as an architect and urban planner. His years of working in the engineering industry inspired his vision to create fictional cities using his design knowledge of circuit boards. He is particularly interested in visually translating circuit boards between a 3-dimensional object and a 2-dimensional representation.

Theodore designed a series of imaginary city plans as interactive 3D models, as well as producing a 2D birds eye view plan of each which are stunning as posters. These 3D models are meant to demonstrate the beauty of order, intricacy, and complexity of circuit boards.

Each map is below so you can see the 2D plan and also explore it as a 3D space.

8065ec46b53fa2c111748b38e9a1df43Map 1 on Sketchfab

caf6e2ecffd132e4a45046bf9b9d8a01Map 2 on Sketchfab

aa5439c67cdc680e0c3516de453f2ca5Map 3 on Sketchfab

The original post can be found here and Hieu Tran can be found here.

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