Vision Industry

Sight made simple, enjoyable and personal

Vision Industry
What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Design, Communications Design, Digital Content
Middle East

The challenge

Working with the optical company, Vision Industry, to position and design their new brand. Vision Industry is focused on innovation, health and creativity, with an in-house eye clinic and laboratory, ensuring its customers get the best eyecare, alongside great design.

Our approach & solution

We initially worked to clarify the brand’s vision and purpose – providing the highest level of care, service, innovation and design, aiming to become the benchmark in eyewear and eyecare. This resulted in the brand’s position, which sees a world where looking good and seeing well come together with ‘Sight made simple, enjoyable and personal for all.’

Built from this clear position, we created the new brand identity with a clean and contemporary visual language supported by a flexible brand pattern inspired by the way the eye perceives light. All the additional brand assets and communications across iconography, print, packaging, online and social media, and product storytelling were designed in line with this position.

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