New showroom experience and concept.

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Experience Strategy, Customer Research & Profiling, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Communications Design, Wayfinding & Signage

The Challenge

Car buying and the role of the dealership are in flux. With the launch of Toyota's new visual identity, there was the opportunity to challenge and redefine the showroom experience, to create a space where customers interact with the brand both digitally and with experts.

Our Approach & Solution

This concept combines the brand’s products and mobility services, launching a new experience for customers designed around a customer-centric hub, creating a more engaging customer journey.

Key insight: The need to compliment and connect a customer's digital journey with a physical experience that is adaptable to an individual's needs.

The experience is designed around a customer hub, a living space where customers can interact with the brand both digitally and with the retailer's experts. Dedicated areas present the brand’s full range, alongside interactive digital touchpoints that provide a personalised experience enabling customers to better explore the brand and its range of products and mobility solutions.

Key shift: This new space acts as an enabler for people, adapting each experience to deliver a journey specific to an individual needs.

What our client says

The new retail design switches on both a new brand experience and a new way of working for our retailers. We are placing all our products and services under one roof with retailers at the heart of the new customer experience. In this space, customers can complement their digital journey with a memorable in-store experience with our retailers providing the essential human touch.” Didier Gambart
Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, TME

We’re dedicated to helping brands make meaningful connections with people.

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