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What we did:
Communications Design, Retail Design, Format Development, Storytelling, Research & Insights, Customer Experience Strategy, Interaction Design
Shop! & Retail Design Institute

The Challenge

As a brand dedicated to operating sustainably, Timberland wanted to bring its purpose in-store. With its London flagship moving from Regent Street to Carnaby Street, it was the perfect time to introduce a fresh new concept and deliver a unique experience to the brand’s urban lifestyle customers.

Timberland Carnaby store exterior Timberland Carnaby store 3

The Solution

We designed a purpose-led flagship that highlights the brand’s sustainability credentials and serves as the model for new stores globally moving forward. Filled with living greenery and stories of the brand’s eco-friendly initiatives, the concept fuses nature with fashion and provides Timberland with a fresher, more contemporary space compared to its previous stores.

Spotlighting sustainability

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) pillars throughout the store empower the sustainability message, educating consumers on the recycled materials and responsible technologies used in the production of Timberland merchandise. The store also uses a combination of materials obtained from industrial leftovers and Bio-resin for mannequins.

Bringing nature indoors

With potted trees, a full-height living green wall and natural elements throughout, the space sits at the intersection of nature and fashion. Timber and greenery are juxtaposed with concrete to bring nature into the city and encourage interaction and exploration.

Customisable experience

A DYO (Design Your Own) station allows customers to get creative and customise their own version of the most iconic Timberland styles. Drawers containing material samples enable customers to take a closer look at customising options, while rolling content on digital screens within the area provides inspiration.

Nature needs heroes

Timberland recently launched its largest-ever global campaign, Nature Needs Heroes, with a call to action for people everywhere to join the movement to be heroes for nature. Full-height digital screens highlight the manifesto while a central community table offers tangible actions that can make a big difference for our planet.

Lighter and brighter

The new flagship has a brighter, fresher palette than its Regent Street predecessor. Subtle lighting emulates natural daylight, which is also brought into the store through large windows. A mirrored tree, inspired by the brand’s logo, forms a decorative column.

Timberland Carnaby Streen green wall


Shop! Design Awards 2020
Store of the Year and Gold Award in Softline Specialty Store (up to 3,000 sqft)
Drapers Footwear Awards 2020
Best Store Design
Retail Design Institute 2019
Class of 2019

What our client says

Carnaby Street is an iconic retail experience in London, and the perfect location for Timberland to reveal our new purpose-led retail store. This is where nature and fashion come together to create something fresh and bold in the marketplace. We are excited to engage with our community, immerse them in our brand experience, and build a movement together toward a greener future.” Argu Secilmis
Vice President of Global Marketing, Timberland

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