The Shop at Bluebird

A playground of wonders - an icon destination

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Experience Strategy, Communications Design, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Format Strategy
Drapers, EuroShop & more

The Challenge

The Shop at Bluebird was originally an iconic destination on the King’s Road. With its curated selection of clothing and lifestyle products, it was a real treasure trove for fashionistas. However, after 12 years in Chelsea, the brand decided it was time to move to a bigger home - the historic Carriage Hall on Floral Street, Covent Garden. The Shop at Bluebird wanted its new store to make an impact on the neighbourhood and capture the attention of a new set of discerning luxury shoppers, while at the same time staying true to its whimsical, expressive and eclectic spirit.

The Shop at Bluebird interior

Our approach & solution

The 15,000 sqft flagship embodies the best of the brand’s personality. Visitors to The Shop at Bluebird are met with a sense of wonder and anticipation as they walk through the door. The space has been designed to gradually reveal its theatrical interior and Instagrammable moments to wow customers. A carefully selected edit of artwork, design, premium fashion and beauty unfolds across this 19th century coach house, with the potential for a rooftop terrace restaurant in the future.

Flooded with natural light, it brings an open-air courtyard feel inside and lush greenery adds to the fresh feel.

The show-stopping centrepiece of the atrium is a bespoke icosahedron installation of 20 mirrored faces

Flexible space

The store is able to adapt for brand takeovers, fashion shows and other events thanks to a smart pulley system of suspended rails.

The design is respectful of the Carriage House’s Grade II-listed architecture and blends heritage with modernity.

Art has always been a core part of The Shop at Bluebird, so we infused it throughout the new space.

A kaleidoscope of coloured paint drips down the walls surrounding the lifts and puddles out onto the timber flooring.

The Shop at Bluebird shopfront


Shop! Design Awards 2019
Silver Award in the Softline Speciality Store 7,501-25,000 sqft category
EuroShop RetailDesign Awards 2019
Retail Design category winner
design:retail Spectrum Awards 2019
Speciality Softlines category winner
Drapers Awards 2018
Best Store Design under 50,000 sq ft category winner
Retail Design Institute
Class of 2018

What our client says

The Shop at Bluebird has long been a hub of creativity, and in our new Carriage Hall home, we’ll be bringing our unexpected fashion, art, and beauty finds to a truly unique store setting.” Claire Miles
Head of The Shop at Bluebird

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