A bold new identity and experience

What we did:
Customer Experience Strategy, Identity, Communications Design, Packaging & Brand Collateral, Content & Social Media, User Experience & Interface Design, Retail Design

The Challenge

Skopes is a men’s tailoring brand established in Leeds in 1948. Previously mainly existing as concessions, the brand wanted to engage a new era of customers with a fresh identity and a memorable brand experience.

Bus Mockup4

The Solution

We transformed Skopes’ brand identity and also created ‘The Suit Lookbook’ concept for the brand’s flagship - a destination for all things suiting. It was an opportunity to rewrite the rules of tailoring formats. A world away from other High Street tailors, the aesthetic is clean, approachable yet playful with design cues taken from the manufacturing floor in their 1960s Leeds factory.

Going social

We relaunched Skopes on social media with our bold graphic identity, filling the feeds with animations, graphics, illustrations, behind the scenes photos, and reactive content. In 12 weeks, we tripled the brand’s followers on Instagram and Twitter and increased average monthly impressions.

New identity

The redesigned identity has a simple and clean aesthetic giving a modern heritage look with subtle nods to tailoring hallmarks. This new identity also includes an expressive brand pattern that echos the lines of a suit pattern and distinct colour palette that’s bold, impactful and full of personality.

Illustrating the brand

We partnered with illustrator Mr Woody Woods to create characters for Skopes, adding more personality and humour to the brand. The illustrations can be seen on Skopes’ in-store app and on social media.

In-store app

At the store’s central table, people can explore looks on tablets through the in-store app we co-designed. Helping customers find the best suit for their occasion, it includes recommendations, illustrations and videos.

Art direction

We created new art directed style for the brand to use across their channels, ensuring an element of sophistication that was in keeping with the brand's new identity.

The space - Try on, hang out

Shopping for a suit is often a social activity, so we made sure the store caters to those shopping with friends and family. Towards the back of the store is a lounge area with a fully stocked fridge where customers can sit and chat. Mirrors surround the changing room area so customers can show off their look from all angles. And inside the fitting room cubicles is a light control system that can create three different light scenarios. For example, shoppers trying on a dinner suit can see their outfit in evening light.

Skopes exterior


Drapers Awards 2019
Shortlisted for Store of the Year

What our client says

We are all very excited to launch our new brand and concept. The consumer deserves a high level of service that is truly ‘experiential’, evoking all the senses. Our collaboration with Dalziel & Pow has been an enlightening experience, it is a privilege to work with such a professional team.” Simon Cope
Managing Director and Chairman, Skopes

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