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The Challenge

Shopping for low-cost clothing doesn’t mean low expectations when it comes to the retail experience. Constantly striving to evolve and innovate, Primark believes that its latest store should always be its best - an attitude that has ensured they remain at the forefront of value fashion. With this strong ambition at the heart of its retail strategy, Primark needed an agency partner to help them achieve their vision.

Primark grid image

The Solution

Working alongside Primark for 30 years, we’ve upgraded and enhanced the consumer journeys across dynamic flagship stores in the UK and Europe through brand strategy, retail design, art direction, digital experiences, brand evolution and communications. We also helped the brand debut in the United States in 2015 with a bold new flagship in Boston.

Primark Madrid

Our flagship design for Primark Madrid fuses pioneering digital design with art installations to create an urban sanctuary for customers. The centerpiece is a 360-degree cinematic experience in the octagonal atrium space, where 11 interconnected transparent screens play bespoke content.

Creative spirit

In partnership with O'Shea Moro, we commissioned site-specific art installations by seven local Madrid-based artists to bring the creative spirit of Madrid to life in store. From street art to an installation of coloured paper origami by Nuria Mora, the work shows the breadth of creativity in the city.

Local narrative

Every Primark store has a hand-drawn map of its home city to add a sense of place. We have drawn over 150 maps for Primark stores worldwide.

Across the pond

We helped launch the brand in the USA with a flagship store in Boston. The space communicates the world of Primark to a new territory, with fashion and value clearly expressed throughout the customer journey. Bespoke local and artistic touches, including the ‘Hello Boston’ mural, tell the brand’s international fashion story and have become a signature of Primark stores worldwide.

Digital navigation

To help customers navigate around the vast fashion flagships, digital screens act as flexible, high-impact displays for way-finding information. These can also be updated with seasonal and brand campaigns.

The world's biggest Primark

We designed and influenced key aspects of Primark Birmingham, the brand’s largest flagship to date. A ‘city of stories’ concept lies at the heart of the store design. Key graphics and signage feature local dialect communicated with a fun and affectionate tone of voice. We also consulted with Primark on a number of elements that were incorporated into the design of the store, such as the circulation plans for navigating the site and the best ways to utilise the space.


Retail Week awards 2020
Primark Birmingham shortlisted for Store of the Year - Large Format
EuroShop 2017
Primark Madrid won the Retail Design Award
Retail Week Interiors Awards 2016
Primark Madrid won Retail Interior of the Year and Best Overseas UK Store Launch
Mapic Awards 2015
Primark Boston won Best Fashion & Footwear Retail Concept
Drapers Awards 2014
Primark Berlin won Best Store Design of the Year
Retail Week Awards 2014
Primark Oxford Street won Store Design of the Year

What our client says

An exciting and inspiring store environment creates the essential backdrop to showcase Primark’s unique product proposition.” Paul Marchant
Chief Executive, Primark

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