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The Challenge

The UK’s consumer landscape has been constantly shifting over the last ten years. It’s been challenging for all brands, but Next has remained a strong performer throughout the decade. We’ve worked together on a programme of continuous design and brand development to make sure Next stays relevant and interesting to its customers.

Next menswear

The Solution

We've evolved and honed the Next proposition, from brand identity to flagship store design, touching every outlet across the chain - including their latest Beauty & Home formats. We elevated the brand experience to take that important upper-middle mass brand position while others have floundered. In our time with the brand, we’ve seen significant growth in share value and market penetration. Next has become the benchmark of the UK fashion market.


The new Next identity has been firmly established for twelve years now. Fresh, open and timeless it reflects the growing breadth and depth of Next both on-line and offline as its role changes from a fashion provider to a facilitator. Next now offers such a breadth of products and services across all channels and the identity has responded to that change.

Format development

From local high streets to power malls and edge of town destinations, Next have evolved their retail presence significantly in our time with the brand. Most recently we've worked with the brand on their new Beauty & Home formats, helping them expand their online beauty offer into a physical environment. We've also launched stand-alone Home stores that become destinations in their own right and continue to challenge the right offer in the right location for our changing retail landscape.

Continuous development

Over the last sixteen years we’ve evolved the retail experience, constantly challenging ourselves to transform the various elements of Next with each opening. Departmental developments, signage and navigation, service enhancements, product-led in-store treatments, architectural design - we make sure every aspect of the concept is as strong as it can be.

Touches of personality

A new mother & baby room was created in the Manchester Arndale store as part of an overall enhancement of the Childrenswear department. We created a series of framed prints to give the space a soft, domestic look and evoke the feeling of a nursery.

Enhanced services

Customer expectations have never been higher and Next have stepped up to become best in class. Fast and efficient pay points, easy and efficient customer collections, relaxed and inviting fitting rooms, attentive and welcoming staff - Next are consistently over-delivering for their market. Recent movement towards omni-channel sales have put an emphasis on the holistic nature of a brand like Next. We no longer think about channels but about one brand offering a consistent, flexible service no matter my journey.


With such a varied portfolio and such a broad offer in-store, signage and navigation have been a constant focus of design attention in our time with Next. Bold, layered and intuitive, from exterior branding to departmental identification to on-shelf pricing, we have addressed it all and continue to strive for perfection.


Next were an early advocate of the super convenient edge of town location, where the customer can enjoy an extended visit without the challenges of the busy town centre. Many of the strongest openings in the last five years have been in the retail park, often purpose-built in new locations that immediately create a destination. Working in close collaboration with established architects, we have created some impressive buildings that reflect the brand and its confidence, premium spaces that elevate the offer.

Next storefront


Retail Week Awards 2012
Store Design of the Year winner
NAS Design Partnership Award
Retail category winner
ARE Design Awards
Outstanding Merit in the Specialty Store over 25,000 sqft category
Retail Interiors Awards 2011
Best Edge-of-Town Interior winner

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