A jaw-to-the-floor IRL retail debut

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Research & Profiling, Communications Design, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Retail Flagship Design
World Retail Awards, Retail Week Interiors & more

The Challenge

When it comes to pairing the latest trends with a generous helping of sass, Missguided is every girl's online go-to. With plans to transform from a hugely successful online retailer to global leader in rapid fashion, Missguided’s debut into physical retail needed to make an impact and take the brand from URL to IRL

Missguided detail

The Solution

The journey started in a Millennial Pink meeting room, drinking Malibu, with the offer of a free spray tan in reception. The magic followed. We created a uniquely Instagrammable, playful and unexpected store experience that’s always different and never boring. Breaking the rules of conventional high street retail, the space immerses shoppers in the spirit of the Missguided brand – fearless, fun and self-expressive.

Key insight – Be social, shareable and disruptive to cut through the crowd

Our ‘On Air’ store concept was defined to be a live, experiential version of Missguided’s online presence. It brings social media to an interactive, physical space, creating a platform for the 16-35 year-old target customer. Inspired by a TV studio, the space delivers a dynamic live stream of of-the-moment content, fashion and inspiration.

Social fitting rooms are brought to the front of the store, recasting this area as an interactive lounge space complete with emojis and tongue-in-cheek signage to reflect the brand's playful personality

Floor-to-ceiling digital screens play the brand’s award-winning campaigns and feature customer-generated content curated by the brand, putting shoppers in the spotlight under the hashtag #babesofmissguided

Bespoke mannequins come in the form of mermaids, unicorns and ‘It girl’ models. Expressive signage includes a huge glossy fun-fair influenced dollar sign by the cash desks and reactive cinema-style lightboxes that demand attention.

Strategic Shift – From URL to IRL in a rule-breaking, sector-disrupting style never experienced before.

Floor-to-ceiling digital screens play the brand’s award-winning campaigns and feature customer-generated content curated by the brand, putting shoppers in the spotlight under the hashtag #babesofmissguided.

Missguided exterior


World Retail Awards 2018
Outstanding Store Design category
Shop! Design Awards 2017
silver in the Softline Specialty Store 7,501-25,000 sqft category
Retail Design Institute Awards 2017
Popai Awards 2017
silver in the Flagship & Store category
Retail Week Interiors Awards 2017
Retail Interior of the Year and Best Mall Store categories

What our client says

Social is huge for us, so this will be a prominent feature throughout the stores, and we will promote interaction with our customers as well as use the store as an opportunity to attract new customers who wouldn't necessarily shop with us online.” Nitin Passi
CEO & Founder, Missguided

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