Marie's Baby Circle

Creating a baby brand for parents

Marie's Baby Circle
What we did:
Research & Insights, Brand Strategy, Customer Experience Strategy, Identity, Communications Design, Interaction Design, Retail Design, Format Development
South Korea
Shop! Design Award, Retail Design Institute

The Challenge

With one of the world's lowest birth rates at just 1.1 per woman, the majority of South Korean parents are first-timers seeking knowledge and reassurance. On top of this, the country's thriving e-commerce market and lightning-fast delivery services mean a trip to a store isn't always the most appealing option. In order to create a successful new baby brand and retail experience from scratch, the concept needed to take into account the cultural and contextual needs of South Korean consumers.

Maries bears

The Solution

In a project that spanned strategy and identity creation through to environmental & digital design and communications, a new brand - Marie’s Baby Circle - was born. Everything we created, from the choice of name to the store environment, ensures the brand feels inclusive and supportive to new parents. The store is an aspirational ‘home from home’ and a space that talks to adults about all things baby. Social, interactive and supportive elements make for an especially engaging experience, appealing to digital native customers, and encouraging parents to spend time with this new community of peers and credible experts.

The birth of a brand

Marie’s Baby Circle is a brand for parents. The circle symbolises inclusivity and the idea of a supportive community on hand to help those new to the world of parenting. The brand name represents its existence as a hub for mothers, containing everything they need to prepare for parenthood.

Weaving a thread of playfulness

Interactive, shareable moments are dotted throughout the store. Children can cuddle up to a family of snuffling and snoring giant bears. A cast of unique animated characters, all created by us, can be spotted throughout the store.

Friendly messaging

For new parents, choice fatigue and long-winded product information can be overwhelming. We’ve created helpful, conversational communications that focus on what customers need to know and break down the jargon. Within the store, the product selection is curated to include only the best and most trusted items, with room sets providing ‘get the look’ ideas for shoppers.

A multi-functional space

The store is divided into sections, each dedicated to different shopping missions. Toys and Fashion sit near the entrance for quick browsing and purchasing. At the Baby Canteen, customers can get advice on introducing their baby to solid food or simply enjoy a cup of tea with other parents. Surrounding this area are pop-up displays, a gift registry and baby shower inspiration. The final part of the store is dedicated to baby essentials – feeding, bathing, changing and sleeping – where customers might want to spend a little longer choosing their products.

Home from home

Shopping at baby stores can often feel like a bit like being in a chaotic nursery. Marie’s Baby Circle sets itself apart with modern domestic furniture and luxurious feeding and changing facilities. At the heart of the store is a space for mums-to-be to sit back comfortably and enjoy a personal shopping experience with products brought to them.

Bringing characters to life

An interactive wall entertains kids and parents alike. Designed using conductive ink on a wooden surface combined with projection mapping, the wall responds to touch, triggering different animations and sounds that bring to life a whole host of characters.

Maries Baby Cirlce storefront


Shop! Design Award
Gold in the Softline Speciality Store category
Shop! Design Award
Gold in the Visual Presentation category
Retail Design Institute's Class of 2017
World Retail Award

What our client says

D&P’s customer-centric approach in designing store experiences, combined with their great chemistry with the Emart team, made Marie’s Baby Circle a destination for all mothers-to-be and young families in Korea.” Brian Kim,
VP, Merchandise Strategy Division, Emart

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