Engaging an active community

What we did:
Research & Insights, Customer Experience Strategy, Communications Design, Interaction Design, Retail Design, Format Strategy
Regent Street, London

The Challenge

Lululemon had an ambition to win London. It wanted to land big in the city centre and create an energetic hub that stands out from other stores. The brief was to bring a new retail experience to Regent Street that attracts locals and tourists alike, gathering an active social community in one place to stretch, sweat and connect.

Lululemon interior

The Solution

The 6,350 sq ft space is both a local hub and a European brand flagship for the Canadian athletic apparel company. However, the store stretches beyond the high-performance product it sells. Encompassing fitness, nutrition and mindfulness, it’s a retail space with a difference, helping people to escape from the buzz of the city and encouraging them to achieve their fitness goals.

Personalised service

Near the entrance, store ambassadors at the concierge desk are ready to give guests information and recommendations such as where to locate their favourite product in-store, directions to find the best fitness studios in the neighbourhood, or sharing details of their favourite nearby running routes.

Strike a pose

An interactive digital installation brings a playful and poetic experience to the store. With motion tracking technology detecting movement from the yoga mat in front, the large screen transforms people’s poses into evanescent sculptures of colour and, once still, particles fill their silhouette, flowing around their body and creating a unique piece of artwork.

Words of encouragement

A positive tone of voice means shoppers are cheered on by communications throughout the space. A Vision & Goals wall encourages visitors to contemplate their ambitions and aspirations and strive for greatness.

A place for community

It was important to create a dedicated community space that brings people together. Upstairs, the space is designed to be flexible - it can be used for complimentary yoga classes, talks, events or merchandise display.

Live well, eat well

The store is home to the first café from Neat Nutrition - the premium, all-natural protein brand founded by Lululemon ambassadors and former international swimmers, Lee Forster and Charlie Turner. It offers nutritious goodies, craft coffee, juices and a range of protein shakes for customers to enjoy in the breakout area.

Lululemon Regent Street

What our client says

Our store is really the heart of Lululemon. It’s not just a retail store… it's a place to connect, and sweat.” Lindsay Claydon, Director of Brand and Community in Europe

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