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Knight Frank
What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Customer Research & Profiling, Customer Journey Mapping, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Retail Formats Design, Format Strategy, Communications Design, Campaigns, Workplace Experience Design, Stakeholder Engagement, Digital Tools & Platforms, Touchpoint Innovation
UK Customer Experience Awards

The challenge

Customers don’t know the many ways Knight Frank can help them with all things property, beyond facilitating sales and lettings. Their residential and commercial knowledge, committed relationships and trusted advice is hidden among the preconceptions of the property industry and its agents. In parallel the property sector is facing significant disruption from start-ups and online-only players, alongside the shift in customers’ attitudes to all things property. Our role was to unify the many facets of the brand with a customer-centric vision, actionable principles that only Knight Frank could deliver on and prioritised touchpoints that would make a meaningful difference to the customer and colleague experience.

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Our approach & solution

We led an extensive customer research programme (over 30,000 surveys mystery shops, shadowing, leadership team workshops). Defined the customer experience vision, uniting the business and aligning all projects with a laser-focus on the customers' needs. Prioritised ideas to test-and-learn, co-create and implement.

Key insight: As an independent partnership model, the brand is uniquely people-centric and broad in expertise so can adapt to help time-poor customers in many ways. We needed to overcome industry conventions, to reveal the customer experience benefits and value-add reasons to choose Knight Frank. Empowering every partner to act on their expertise, care and values in everything they say and do in a personal, on-brand way.

We created new customer-facing assets and tools, conversation starters, simple and effective communications, new digitally-enabled services, from sales boards to advertising, to online booking to an inviting high street presence. We supported internal communications and behavioural change with a new Tone Of Voice guide, training modules, ongoing consultation on strategic hires, leadership engagement and customer experience ideas.

Strategic shift: from an established sales-centric estate agency to a vital, inspirational and customer-centric brand.

We defined a new customer experience vision to unite the business and align all projects with a laser-focus on the customers' needs.

We wrote briefs for the prioritised ideas that helped overcome pain points, differentiate Knight Frank from their market and add value to the customer journey. We also supported the creation of new training modules, digital tools, tone of voice, format strategy and an in-house ideas app.

We co-presented the official business-wide launch of Knight Frank's exciting next chapter to secure internal engagement.


UK Customer Experience Awards
Gold in the Customer at the Heart of Everything category
Gold in the Customer at the Heart of Everything for the Professional Services Industry category
Gold in the Employees at the Heart of Everything category
Gold in the Customer Experience Training category

What our client says

Through a large customer engagement programme it became clear that a personalised CX experience was at the forefront for our customers and employees, both face-to-face and through a tailored digital experience. The last two years have seen our business make huge strides in our CX offering.” Andrew Hay
Global Head of Residential
Knight Frank

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