Creating community alongside service and technical excellence

What we did:
Experience Strategy & Ideation, Customer Experience Strategy, Omnichannel Strategy & Journeys, Format Strategy, Retail Design from boutique to flagship, Communications Design
Spain & Europe

The Challenge

To create the first live experience for online cycling brand Deporvillage, bringing the best of the brand's online offer to life with the addition of services that can only be delivered in the physical space.

Our Approach & Solution

At the heart of the offer is a sense of community and the ability to dig deeper into the brand’s service model with workshops, coffee lounge, bike fitting services, bike customisation, and technology advice, all to help the customer make informed choices.

As well as an extensive range of cycles there is a significant range of components and accessories with clothing from key brands, cycling shoes, a kids offer, and a showcase of smart technology.

On arrival, you can see the wide vista of the offer, but the white-framed beacons acting as punctuation, breaking up the journey and adding interest. Navigation is intuitive, aided by suspended red lights indicating the walkway without fixing it with any floor change.

Let's make something great together. Contact us to start the ball rolling.

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