My beauty atelier

What we did:
Customer Experience Strategy, Communications Design, Retail Design
Across South Korea

The Challenge

In the crowded beauty market of South Korea, brands have got to stay fresh and original in order to stand out. So with an ambition to become the ultimate multi-brand beauty destination for Korean customers of all ages, Aritaum decided it was time for a makeover. The beauty retailer wanted to create a brand experience where their customers could find inspiration and guidance around all beauty needs while placing their ambitious multi-brand offering at the heart of their store.

Aritaum store design

The Solution

We created the 'My Beauty Atelier' concept for Aritaum, transforming the stores into beauty playgrounds full of excitement. Shoppers are empowered to become their own makeup artists and experiment with textures and colour. The store’s raw Manhattan-inspired look gives the brand an edgier and more sophisticated aesthetic that lifts it out of the uniformity of the South Korean market.

A striking facade

The bold architectural shopfront, featuring 12-metre-tall black brickwork backed with mirror cladding and a splash of pink, stands out on the busy street.

Intuitive Shopping

Products are divided into key categories, each featuring distinctive colour palettes and expression to help customers locate their favourite products. Core skincare brands Iope, Laneige, Mamonde and Hanyul – created by Aritaum’s founder – have a real presence with their own dedicated bays.

Artists in the making

A focal table provides a place to play and experiment, encouraging customers to create their own makeup looks in-store. iPads share video tips and an Instagram wall provides budding makeup artists with changing backdrops for selfies, tagged for social sharing with #aritaumflipcreate.

A total brand experience

As part of the new experience vision, we created fresh packaging to complement the bold store environment. We also redesigned staff uniforms in the striking monochrome and pink palette to ensure all elements of the customer experience were in sync.

Putting a stamp on it

We created a brand stamp for use on packaging, adding a final flourish at the end of the customer journey.

Aritaum hero image

What people are saying

South Korea’s Aritaum isn’t your average beauty store – it’s more like stepping up to a beauty blogger’s vanity. The roughly 970-square-foot space is a playground for makeup inspiration and guidance, where shoppers can browse, play, test and get ready for a night out, and its merchandising strategy drives the fantasy.” Kaileigh Peyton

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