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The Challenge

Argos is a brand steeped in nostalgia and novelty. However, its store experience was becoming outdated among tech-savvy customers. The difficult truth was Argos needed to lose its old hallmarks to progress. But there were dilemmas: how much loyalty is based on nostalgia? And what would happen if we got rid of the pens?

Argos service

The Solution

We created a new concept for Argos, covering everything from the environment and digital content to in-store communications and tone of voice. There was a notable gap between the way customers shopped at Argos in-store and online, so we made sure the space was more digitally integrated - from the shop front and targeted promotions through to browsing and purchasing.

A focus on digital

We designed a pared-back environment with raw, clean materials to let the dynamic digital content shine. Bays in-set with a grid of screens and iPads stream real-time product information, store messages and campaigns. These can also be transformed into branded shop-in-shops – lucrative slots for Argos to highlight certain brands it carries such as Dyson and Apple.

From catalogues to iPads

Customers shopping in-store use iPads with shopping applications such as product videos and customer reviews. They can also use their phones to shop with free in-store WiFi.

Welcome Wall

On arrival, customers are greeted by the digital ‘Welcome Wall’ where store staff are introduced to add personality to each store. The footage is combined with other local messaging such as the local weather and brand social media activity, linking the store back to its wider community.

Engaging content

To complement its new omnichannel stores, Argos needed a cohesive digital identity to animate its shop-floor screens. We created content for the retailer alongside a strategy and template for them to use in the future. The digital screens can showcase different seasonal and category promotions or be used to take over the whole store by displaying one impactful brand story.

Playful, honest and full of life

We played a key role in the development and implementation of Argos’ identity. Confident and bold applications across the stores brought more personality to the brand: the stores become a signpost that Argos had changed.

The fast lane

A 60-second ‘Fast Track’ collection service means customers can quickly collect their online orders.

A new distribution model

Behind the scenes, the digital concept stores will trial Argos’ innovative 'hub & spoke' distribution model. The larger ‘hub’ store will stock an expanded range of around 20,000 lines and run routes to deliver products to its smaller ‘spoke’ stores. This means all stores will have either immediate, same day or next day access to an expanded range of products.

ARG0263 XL2


Brand Impact Awards 2015
Retail category winner
Retail Week Interiors Awards 2014
Best use of Design with Technology In Store and Design Team of the Year
Popai Awards 2014
Gold Award in Flagship & Store Category
Internet Retailing Awards 2014
Internet Retailing in Store winner

What our client says

We had a challenging time frame to deliver this highly complex project and it has been a truly collaborative journey from the start, with the D&P team providing support, fresh thinking and creativity in abundance. Our digital stores are one of the most exciting developments for Argos in our 40-year history as we transform our business to be digitally-led, and represent the exciting possibilities for the digital and physical retail offer working together.” Roger Hubbard, Argos Format Development Team

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