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As part of our presence at the inaugural Retail Design Expo, we created an interactive exhibition stand demonstrating how appropriate technology can be used to engage and create shareable content. Our screen-printed illustrations sprung to life when touched, uncovering a host of playful animations, data-feeds and sounds.

Where, When

London; March 2015

About the client

We’re constantly creating and refreshing brand identities for our clients, but recently we decided it was time to take a look at our own. Our logo just didn’t feel like us anymore – not all that surprising considering it was created over 15 years ago. The new identity is all about expressing the creativity, diversity and personality of Dalziel & Pow.

A bit more detail

Taking the technology we used in our store design for Zippy, we realised it on a larger scale here and pushed the range of interactions and feedback, making a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter that’s experimental, innovative, playful, integrated and exploratory. Created in-house, the stand was a collaborative effort between our Digital, Interiors and Graphics teams. Using conductive ink, the interface looks more like a mural than a typical touchscreen.


We built on existing projection-mapping software, typically used to visualise electronic music, to layer over animations, sound and interaction. Each of the 48 illustrations tells a different story, whether communicating stock levels and product information, or the simple interaction of chasing a duck around the canvas. Within the physical space it forms a single coherent experience with an abundance of explorable content.

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