Windfall Natural opens second store

The brand expands its brick-and-mortar footprint with a new location on Northcote Road.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 24. 01. 2020
Windfall Natural 09 Landscape

Wellness retailer Windfall Natural recently opened its second store in London’s Clapham Junction.

Windfall Natural 02

We worked with the brand in 2018, designing a new concept for the original store’s move to a larger site. The redesign positioned the Turnham Green store as a brand flagship with room for an extended product range, more product storytelling and regular events, reinforcing the brand’s trusted reputation and loyal local community.

Windfall Natural 04

Windfall Natural epitomises ‘new retail’ – personalised, connected, relevant, useful and hospitable; more than just a shop. It reflects key shifts in the healthcare landscape, which has become less pharmaceutical and more driven by lifestyle, with a human touch and playful design aesthetic.

Windfall Natural 03

Like the first store, the new Clapham site will be home to various experiences such as workshops and talks led by wellness industry experts. The concept was created to evoke a traditional apothecary trader with abundant stock and timber-framed racks. Communications are low-tech and personal, with a combination of handwritten blackboards and timber light boxes for navigation.

Windfall Natural 07

New to this location is a private meeting space with comfortable furnishings. The room will be used for consultations where customers can chat to staff about their wellbeing needs and receive tailored advice and product recommendations.

Windfall Natural 01
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