An expansive new store for Windfall Natural, London

This month, we've helped move Windfall Natural to a larger, more flexible space – the first stride in its ambition to become an omnichannel leader in health, beauty and wellness.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 12. 12. 2018
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The market in health, wellbeing and beauty is changing fast, with corporate giants and local specialists alike capitalising on a growing awareness of the benefits of healthy living and nutrition. The wellness economy is now worth £2.9 trillion worldwide, according to the Global Wellness Institute. One such local specialist is Daniel Hunt of Windfall Natural, operating from a 200sqft store in Turnham Green Terrace since 1997.

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This month, we’ve helped move the brand to a larger, more flexible 1,000sqft space, only 100m from the previous site – the first stride in its ambition to become an omnichannel leader in health, beauty and wellness.

This new flagship for Windfall Natural will offer expert advice, an extended range, more product storytelling and regular events, reinforcing the brand’s trusted reputation and loyal local community.

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Windfall Natural is a prominent double-fronted unit, close to the Chiswick High Road and around the corner from Soho House outpost High Road House. Creating a distinctive statement on the street, the traditional shopfront with silver grey awnings, frames an open view of the warm, inviting interior.

Inside, abundant stock creates impact and purveys authority, evoking a traditional apothecary trader. The centre floor merchandising features timber-framed racks that can be wheeled aside when hosting events, while the kitchen table provides a focal point for impromptu consultation and gatherings.

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The space is spot-lit, enhanced by recycled industrial pendants that bring focus on key features, and softened with real plants, from architectural figs to table-top ferns. Communications are low-tech and personal, with a combination of handwritten blackboards and timber light boxes for navigation.

Building on Windfall Natural’s attributes of knowledge, neighbourhood and holistic care, the elevated store experience conveys an authentic, local, expert brand identity. Customers can learn to create recipes for a healthy life in a welcoming social space.

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Windfall Natural epitomises ‘new retail’ – personalised, connected, relevant, useful and hospitable; more than just a shop. It reflects key shifts in the healthcare landscape, which has become less pharmaceutical and more driven by lifestyle, with a human touch and playful design aesthetic.

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The result of a collaborative project, the brand identity was designed by Barcelona-based agency Prisma, and London’s The Small Design Agency consulted on the fit out.

As an engaging destination store, it should encourage people outside of the neighbourhood to pay a visit, as well as driving online sales, and could pave the way for expansion into further London neighbourhoods.

In early 2019, the brand will launch the ‘Windfall Natural Clinic’ – offering in-depth health advice and a range of diagnostics including blood tests, microbiome assessment, nutrigenomics and allergy testing. All part of this exciting new chapter in Windfall’s mission to help people feel good in mind and body.

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