We create the Wind in the Willows experience for Mini Boden

The space immerses children in the story and characters behind a new Mini Boden range.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 07. 07. 2017
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British childrenswear brand Mini Boden and The Wind in the Willows spring to life in an interactive installation designed by Dalziel & Pow.

In collaboration with the new West End musical adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic story, the ‘pop-up storybook’ featuring E. H. Shepard’s timeless illustrations immerses children in the story and the characters that have inspired the Mini Boden range this season. The installation can be discovered at the London Palladium, where The Wind in the Willows musical opened on June 16th, 2017.

Wind willows palladium news 01

Filled with fun, engaging and interactive elements and iconic illustrations, the space creates a 3D world reminiscent of a fold-out storybook scene. Mini Boden brand and product is seamlessly integrated throughout – from patterned bunting and picnic blankets to campaign imagery and a brand movie presenting a day in the life of Toad. The Wind in the Willows inspired collection is showcased on simple wire figures topped with papiermâché animal heads.

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Touch-activated audio allows the viewer to ‘step into the story’: calls to action around the space invite children to press the illustrated characters to hear them speaking.

Wind willows palladium 04

Created to showcase the new collection and delight young theatregoers, the exhibition is non-transactional, instead encouraging a shareable experience via several fun social media photo opportunities. For example, children can pose in a cut-out of Toad’s car and honk the horn, or take selfies with Ratty and Mole and even enter a competition to win Mini Boden vouchers. There is also an iPad for email sign ups, enabling parents to receive details about the new range.

Wind willows palladium news 03

The pop-up is positioned in the London Palladium’s Val Parnell Bar, perfect for children looking to further experience The Wind and the Willows during the intervals and before or after the performance. To direct families to the main installation, Dalziel & Pow also created a stand for the theatre’s entrance lobby, featuring a large-scale hand-drawn illustration and directional cues resembling wooden road signs inspired by the WITW story.

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Tickets are available from £15, with reduced price preview performances. Kids go free subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. No additional booking fees or charges are applied to tickets booked via

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