Wildcraft: bringing the great outdoors in store

Dalziel and Pow has designed a new multi-sensory experience for Bangalore-based brand Wildcraft, bringing the great outdoors in store. Learn more here.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 20. 02. 2015
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We’ve been briefed by Bangalore-based brand Wildcraft to design a new store concept that brings the emotional experience of exploring the natural world to life.

Wildcraft was started by a group of adventure sports enthusiasts in the late 1990s with the aim to inspire the country’s urban middle classes to rediscover an affinity with the great outdoors.

The creative idea is focused around ‘Sensorial Awakening’ – the space created is as much about exciting and informing curious customers as it is selling functional gear and apparel. Expect to see rope ceilings, real foliage, gobo lighting and full-scale graphics of jungle scenes, all of which create a camp-like atmosphere.

The build is currently underway at two sites, JP Nagar and Koramangala, Bangalore, with the Nagar store set to open its doors on 20th February.

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