Who are ‘The Outsiders’?

We partnered with the UK-based 036 Group and two of its subsidiary brands - NOVA and White Stores - to deliver three strategic brands and their unique identities.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 29. 04. 2024
“We do things differently”

Zero Three Six is an innovative investment company that prides itself on ‘doing things differently’. NOVA is an ‘outside the box’ wholesale furniture company that designs quality, innovative furniture and accessories. White Stores is a pioneer within their market, and one of the largest outdoor living retailers in the UK.

We were challenged to create a simple strategic brand framework so that the business structure could be easily defined and continue to thrive and grow aligned with the brands' ambitions. Having created a supportive ecosystem we evolved the three unique brands, each with their own distinct brand personality, narrative, promise, mission & vision. As NOVA and White Stores sit under the Zero Three Six umbrella company, it was important to align the values together across all 3 brands whilst executing them differently for each target audience.

‘The Outsiders’ is the brand attitude we defined for Zero Three Six and captures the ‘We do things differently’ approach inherent in all 3 brands.

“Embrace infinite possibilities”

Zero Three Six:

As pioneers in discovering white space business opportunities, Zero Three Six are constantly adapting and challenging conventions, they actively embrace opportunities and reshape industries through innovative investments.

Our ambition was to craft an identity that embodied the disruptive and innovative spirit of the group, who are proudly optimistic, bold, and full of life.

“We help make memories”


Introducing a bold and fresh new look for the NOVA brand that is all about disrupting the market by thinking outside the box. NOVA is full of life and celebrates togetherness with the inside track on all things ‘garden’.

This new identity showcases NOVA’s attention to detail, precision and, industry expertise in a bold and confident way. Known for their configurable furniture sets, we’ve built an identity inspired by this flexible grid system.

Asset 503
“Outdoor living done differently”

White Stores:

Introducing an inviting new brand identity for outdoor furniture retailer, White Stores. Known for being industry leaders with a dedication to customer satisfaction, we needed to identify who White Stores are; “Think of us as your friendly neighbours in the know, with a down-to-earth authority on outdoor living.”

Building on the company’s down-to-earth and approachable attitude, the evolved identity feels bold and joyful while being real and honest through the use of textures and a conversational tone of voice. White Stores inspires the customer through real-life, relatable moments and shoppable lifestyle possibilities.

Asset 602

The secret sauce of these three brands is the people, we found ourselves falling for the unique charms of The Outsiders, and we hope you will too.
Watch this space for more exciting stories from these innovative brands.

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