Pets at Home’s Puppy Shop launches 

We rebrand Pets at Home's puppy department with a best-in-class brand concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 23. 10. 2017
Puppy Editsa e1522058905596

Launched in September 2017 across the Pets at Home store portfolio, this destination category celebrates all the delights of puppy ownership and the brand personality presents a friendly, approachable and supportive delivery that helps new puppy owners quickly become puppy pros. The project spans name generation, merchandising, brand identity and communications, to future-proof one of Pets at Home’s key categories.

We created the logo “Just for Puppy”, underwritten by the Pets at Home friendly expertise stamp, in a free-flowing brush script font. The brand is also equipped with a style guide for use across everything from swing tags and blister packs to apparel and treats, ensuring the puppy offer continues to be consistent and true to its principles as it heads into the future.

Friendly expertise and support are offered via a clear, upbeat tone of voice and expressive graphics, demystifying technical information and giving pet owners the facts they need to ensure their new pet’s life is the best it can be.

Inside the stores, displays are further brought to life by cheeky portraits of different dog breeds – happy healthy animals with bags of personality that represent and celebrate the broadest range of breeds and different puppy sizes.

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