Wallpaper Store* apartment pop-up

Wallpaper Store*'s new apartment-format pop-up store combines a slick Italian aesthetic with a clever retail format. Here are our thoughts.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 05. 04. 2017
Salone del mobile 2017 14a MAINNN

Wallpaper* magazine is one of the many publications to diversify its offering and join the world of e-commerce. Launched in 2015, its Wallpaper Store* sells the sort of coveted designer homeware discussed in the magazine’s pages. Now, following its e-commerce success, the brand is launching a pop-up apartment shop in Milan to coincide with the prestigious furniture and design fair, Salone del Mobile.

Salone del mobile 2017 14a

This is an astute move, as Salone del Mobile attracts aesthetically minded and often wealthy people from across the globe – Wallpaper Store*’s perfect customer. The apartment is situated in an elegant Mario Bellini-designed tower, at 3-8 Piazza Arcole 4, and allows customers to shop a careful edit on the brand’s range in situ. It’s also home to an exclusive tableware collaboration between the Italian fashion brand La Double J and homeware specialists Bitossi Home called ‘Milanese Housewives’.

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Not only is the apartment filled with beautifully made products, it also boasts a striking interior. Italian collective Analogia Projects‘ Golden Forest installation, comprising tassel-like bronze strips, cascades from the ceiling and brings a typically glamorous yet artistic Milanese flavour to the pop-up. Because Salone del Mobile is all about showcasing the absolute best in design, the theatricality of this installation doesn’t feel out of place or too much. Furthermore, it’s a great way of making the apartment a real destination on the fair’s calendar and will hopefully introduce new customers to the Wallpaper Store*

Wallpaper Store* isn’t merely capitalising on the influx of people brought to Milan by the Salone del Mobile, it’s fully participating in the spirit of the fair through its collaborations with local brands and artists. Bringing these collaborations to fruition in apartment form lends something different to the week that people are going to want to see.

Salone del mobile 2017 14secondmaiiiin

Deciding to showcase products in an apartment space ensures the customers don’t just impersonally browse but get experience the products in a real home environment. Interestingly, they have pushed the store’s concept further and linked all the products back to their successful online shop. This makes the apartment’s unique offering accessible to people who couldn’t make it to Milan and give loyal customers the chance to purchase the exclusive pieces. A great example of a brand behaving differently.

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