Think inside the box and vote with your butt!

Vote with your butt, is a litter awareness campaign from Hubbub - where smokers can dispose of their butts thoughtfully - read the blog here.

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By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 10. 09. 2015
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I’m new in London and I come from France. We all know French people smoke a lot, but I think when it comes to eating on the street and dropping litter, Brits and the French are pretty much equal. So I was struck by the tidiness of London streets. I’ve never seen so many street cleaners, and it made me wonder how expensive it must be to pay someone to pick up each piece of dropped litter.

£850 million of tax payers’ money every year, according to the association Hubbub, who carried out a public poll, discovering that a staggering 86% of people think littering is a disgusting habit, yet only 15% of us would actually confront someone dropping litter and tell them that. Faced with this reality, Hubbub decided to put litter firmly back on the agenda, and chose Villiers Street, Westminster – the second busiest street in London – for some imaginative and, above all, funny campaigns to raise awareness, from cheering dustbins, to chewing gum art.

My favourite is Vote with your butt, where smokers can dispose of their butts thoughtfully, whilst pondering questions such as:

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Not a smoker? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can get on board the crusade for #NeatStreets

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