Virgin Media workplace wins Brand Impact Award

Our workplace design and brand application project was awarded in the Telecoms category.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 09. 2020
Virgin Media

We're thrilled to announce that our workplace concept for Virgin Media has won a Brand Impact Award. The awards celebrate creative excellence and consistency across branding design and reward the very best branding from around the world.

Virgin Media

We brought Virgin Media’s personality and brand values to life at its new HQ, creating a bold workplace experience bursting with character and fun moments. A giant version of Virgin Media’s iconic infinity logo hangs above the entrance, where bubbly fruit-shaped check-in pods replace the traditional reception desk.

Virgin Media Hot Stuff

Cheeky signage adds personality in unexpected places, from meeting areas to the bright-pink Hot Stuff cafe, while a giant disco ball adorns the staff restaurant.

Enterprising employees are able to share their ‘side hustles’ in a dedicated pop-up-shop area, while calming Retreat spaces provide a place to practise yoga or simply relax.

Virgin Media

Congratulations to the team and thank you to BIA for the recognition!

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