Video: Virgin Media

See how we brought Virgin Media's brand to life in their new headquarters.

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By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 04. 02. 2020
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We translated Virgin Media’s brand into a workspace experience, creating the vision for the spaces, communications and signage to ensure that the brand's core purpose of ‘Building connections that really matter’ was brought to life. The new brand home has a strong social focus, with an emphasis on culture and communication.

Virgin Media's playful personality is represented throughout - from bold features including a super-scale disco ball in the restaurant down to small-scale moments that make you smile. A range of new spaces enable and empower employees to work in different ways - from The Retreat, where staff can practice yoga and find a moment of calm, to hackable spaces that allow for agile team or project time, and a variety of meeting and break-out areas to connect either for work or play.

Take a short tour around the brand home with our video.

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