Victorinox London Flagship opens

Excited to share the news of Victorinox unveiling its London flagship store featuring our new design concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 11. 2022
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As the Swiss brand celebrates the 125th anniversary of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, it returns to London with a brand-new flagship store opening on 388 Oxford Street, featuring products across the full offering.

The move to Oxford Street reflects the brand’s growing influence in the UK retail space, whilst the new store with the revamped design concept brings together the Victorinox values of quality, functionality, innovation, and iconic design with refined details. The 169 m2 store houses the full Victorinox product ranges of travel gear, watches, pocket knives, kitchen knives, and perfume, giving visitors the chance to shop for their urban, at-home, and outdoor adventures in one destination across two floors with a dedicated floor to the brand’s iconic Swiss Army Knives and cutlery.

“I am thrilled with the new retail design. It authentically reflects our positioning as a premium brand and provides our customers with a unique brand experience”, Carl Elsener, CEO Victorinox.
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The new design concept brings together the Victorinox story, products and core values with the ultimate shopping experience. Personalization stations allow visitors to assemble their own Swiss Army Knife, and have it customized to their liking, whilst the other products are displayed in a manner allowing shoppers to engage and experience it.

The brand continues to deliver on being a part of your everyday adventures with its offering, from your everyday urban needs in the city, to international travel and outdoor exploration and cozy cooking at home with loved ones.

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We created a new concept that brings together elements of the Victorinox lifestyle and ethos whilst creating a modern, premium and inviting space incorporation technology and a tactile experience. The brand’s industrial roots are emphasized with brushed steel used across key fixtures and fittings. The brand’s connection to its Swiss roots and nature is amplified and interpreted into the design with floor to ceiling windows, allowing natural light to penetrate in, and natural birch wood playing a key role in the design with reeded plywood wood paneling wrapping internal areas of the store and drawing shoppers upstairs.

Darker accents and the brand’s signature red on the exterior of the building invite those passing by in, alongside interactive digital screens giving a playful element. Shoppers are greeted with a range of Victorinox products including travelgear, watches and fragrances to tickle all senses and are drawn upstairs by the spiraling glass and stainless-steel staircase to experience the range of cutlery and pocket knives on offer.

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The staircase delivers customers up to the iconic Swiss Army Knife showcase and personalization zone, with the shape reflecting the classic corkscrew design enhanced by mirrored ceiling over. Technology has been carefully incorporated to allow for an elevated shopping experience and allows the visitors to see all elements of the brand’s offering in action.

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