Undiz machine experience

We recently discovered the Undiz machine experience, which combined physical distribution, fun shopping experience and human contact. Read more here...

Inès ryckeboer headshot
By Inès Ryckeboer
Posted 24. 09. 2015
Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France 07 e1443089464533

Undiz is a cheap lingerie French brand that occupies big retail spaces. It had the opportunity to extend its store count beyond 100 with a new ideal location in the city centre of Toulouse in France. A constraint was the very small sales area (50m² instead of the usual 100m²) and the limited storage space in the basement of some 70m².

Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France 07 e1443089464533
Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France

The challenge was to create a new sales concept for this unusual space, which combines a fun shopping experience, physical distribution, digital elements and human contact. The Undiz Machine found a way to use this limited space and fully invest the storage room.

There are a couple of journeys you can take to access the offer in store; the traditional, physical way whereby customers can browse the products exhibited on the shop floor, or via the four digital interactive terminals where customers can see the full range that’s conveniently stocked in the basement below. After choosing a product or products, they are prepared and put in a capsule in the storage room, where they are then air-propelled in pipes directly to you on the shop floor.

Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France 04
Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France 05
Undiz Machine Store by Stories Toulouse France 09

Not satisfied? No worries, products can be returned. Fear of paying for the wrong articles? Products are all equipped with an RFID card, which is an intelligent label indicating up-to-date locations and availability. Useful at the cash desk…

Also, the sales team, composed of “logistically-minded people,” remain at your disposal following you throughout the in-store experience, from the entrance to the cash desk, and helping customers use the digital terminals.

This concept qualifies as “Phygital” because it combines in a practical and clever way, the benefits of the digital world (connected), and those from the physical sales world (human contact). And it seems to work, with Undiz opening a second Undiz Machine in Paris in July.

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