Toyota - New Showroom Experience

Excited to share our partnership with Toyota Motor Europe to create their new showroom experience and concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 17. 08. 2022
2022 Toyota Europe Eragny 137

This signals Toyota’s future direction, with retailers’ taking a central role in its customers’ brand experience.

-  The new design was unveiled at the Toyota Retailer site at Paris Nord

- This concept combines all the Brand’s products and mobility services under one roof and launches a new brand experience for customers.

·-  The experience was designed around a customer-centric hub is part of Toyota’s Beyond Zero mission to enable memorable customer experiences  

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Earlier this year, Toyota Motor Europe unveiled its vision for the future of its European retailer network at a new site in Paris Nord. It confirms the central role of Toyota retailers in delivering to our customers an immersive brand experience as the company transitions to a mobility company.

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Toyota’s approach is fully consistent with its wider mission to go ‘Beyond Zero’ by providing memorable customer experiences which cater for all their needs. The launch of the new showroom concept brings to life the brand’s new visual identity with a showroom design around a ‘customer hub’ – a living space where customers will interact with the brand both digitally and with retailer experts.

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Dedicated areas within the new retail environment present the company’s full range of products and services, from new Toyota vehicles, Toyota Gazoo Racing products, bZ brand battery electric vehicles, Approved Used, after-sales & service to its Kinto Mobility Services. A variety of interactive digital touch points provide customers with a personalised in-store experience enabling them to explore different facets of the brand and its range of products and mobility solutions.

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To complement their digital experience, customers can meet with expert retailer staff who will provide further personalised advice and support. Overall, the new showroom concept is an enabler for retailers’ staff to adapt each customer experience and deliver according to their specific needs.

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Our new showroom concept marks an important step in our ambition to become the most electrified mobility brand of choice for our customers.  The new retail design switches on both a new brand experience and a new way of working for our retailers. We are placing all our products and services under one roof with retailers at the heart of the new customer experience. In this space, customers can complement their digital journey with a memorable in-store experience with our retailers providing the essential human touch.” Didier Gambart, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, TME

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