New beauty brand and store concept launch

Excited to share another new brand launch, and this time with Tira Beauty for Reliance Retail India

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 17. 04. 2023

We’re pleased to share more on the launch of a new beauty brand and store concept Tira for Reliance Retail.

We have helped to define and create this new brand and store experience, creating an omnichannel beauty retail platform that offers a seamless and personalized shopping experience for beauty enthusiasts across India.

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This saw the brand launch early in April, across the Tira app and website, alongside its flagship 4,300 square feet Tira store at Jio World Drive in Mumbai.

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An omnichannel retail concept powered by technology and customized experiences, Tira offers a curated assortment of the best global and Indian home-grown brands, making it the go-to destination for all things beauty. Inspired by the goddess Rati, who symbolizes love, passion and beauty, Tira’s launch is in line with Reliance Retail’s overall vision of bringing high quality products to Indian consumers through multiple retail formats.

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Tira’s online platform is easy to navigate, with a clear and clutter-free interface that ticks all the right boxes. It showcases shoppable videos, blogs, tutorials, trend-setting tips, personal recommendations and a virtual try-on feature, which will have the widest range of colour cosmetics for consumers to try on from the comfort of their homes.

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Tira stores will be a beauty destination with a focus on curated services and the best in class consumer experience provided by highly trained Tira beauty advisors. The unique store experience will feature the latest beauty tech tools such as virtual try on to create customized looks, and a skin analyser, that will personalize and assist consumers to make purchasing decisions basis their needs. In addition, Tira stores will have dedicated gifting stations to personalize purchases. Tira will also be the first specialty beauty retailer in India to launch The FRAGRANCE FINDER, a signature experience that helps consumers match fragrances closest to their preferences.

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Speaking on the launch, Isha Ambani, Executive Director, Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (holding company of Reliance Retail Limited), said, “We are excited to bring the Tira experience to our Indian customers. With Tira, we aim to break down barriers in the beauty space and democratize beauty for consumers across segments. Our vision for Tira is to be the leading beauty destination for accessible yet aspirational beauty, one that is inclusive and one that harbours the mission of becoming the most loved beauty retailer in India.”

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