Rockar Hyundai

We've created a dynamic, digitally enhanced ‘auto boutique’ for new automotive retailer Rockar Hyundai. Emphasising informality and transparency.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 03. 10. 2014
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The traditional car showroom reinvented

We’ve created a dynamic, digitally enhanced ‘auto boutique’ for new automotive retailer Rockar Hyundai. Emphasising informality and transparency, the new showroom located at Bluewater shopping centre integrates in-store, online and mobile platforms, allowing guests to research, book a test drive, obtain a price for their old car, choose a payment option, purchase and organise a service of their car all at the touch of a button. Alongside Hyundai display cars, the 2,015sqft store is populated with 26 digital screens. These wrap round the entire space and display bespoke content we’ve designed to communicate Rockar Hyundai’s retail proposition, pricing and promotions. Working across digital, graphics and interior design we’ve ensured that both Rockar and Hyundai’s brand identities shine in the space and speak with a single, coherent voice.

The innovative retail model responds to findings that 93% of all new car buyers conduct research online and now only visit the dealership when they wish to sign on the dotted line. Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, commented: “Hyundai UK is developing a more integrated approach towards the way we retail cars, reflecting the changing ways in which people shop and the use of technology in the retail environment. Rockar Hyundai is an integral part of this, and to our continuous commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience across our entire business.”

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