Talisker X D&P

More project news and this time the new retail experience at Talisker's refurbished distillery and brand home.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 08. 11. 2022

Talisker is ‘Made by the Sea’. The brand celebrates its exposure to coastal elements, shaping who they are as a brand and what they do on a daily basis. The sea perfectly conveys Talisker’s brand character: adventurous, 
purposeful, transporting, and ruggedly luxurious, reflecting the distillery’s location, the liquid it produces, 
and the people who make it.

20221020 TALISKER DP 16 Edit HI RES

Talisker distillery’s wild location, the Isle of Skye, is one of the most romanticised places in the world. Guests are indelibly changed by the romance of this land of extremes where the Talisker distillery stands proudly by the sea. The distillery’s windows are oriented towards the sea, perfectly framing the unforgettable backdrop of the rugged beauty of everything that happens at Talisker.


At D&P, we designed the retail space and experience at the renovated distillery, to support and reinforce the brand's story and tour. In the space’s double-height atrium we showcase the different Talisker Flavour Profiles, all the while referencing Talisker's link to the sea with nautical references, materials, and finishes alongside the use of boating structures to frame each flavour profile.


This is supported by the use of handpainted nautical map references to further connect to the sea. The materials and finishes support the idea of ‘Rugged Luxury’ with a rustic and authentic aesthetic, and the application of natural and neutral colour tones alongside the use of Ocean blue.


Within the space, there are a number of novel experiences, including the ability to create your own bottle and personalisation options, including engraving. There is also a whisky library showcasing a variety of products, and a wider lifestyle offer of products locally sourced to complement and support Talisker and its story.


Barbara Smith, managing director of Diageo's Scotland brand homes, said: "Talisker is inseparable from the unique Isle of Skye landscape and its whisky is inherently shaped by the sea and landscape that surrounds it. Our new brand home celebrates that deep connection with the sea and Talisker's commitment to preserving the wonderful marine environment in Scotland and around the world."


"From the tours to the bars and retail space, there's so much to experience at Talisker whether you've travelled two miles or two hundred miles to be there and whether you're already familiar with this wonderful whisky or discovering it for the first time."

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