Sterling Home reveals new brand identity and store concept

We worked with the independent Scottish brand to position them for a new era of retail, transforming the brand's identity, communications and store concept.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 11. 12. 2019
Sterling Home entrance smaller

Scottish independent furniture brand Sterling Home - previously known as Sterling Furniture - has reopened in Uddingston, Glasgow with a new identity, brand communications and store concept.

Sterling Home logo

We worked with the family business on their transformation into a ‘Home of Inspiration’, re-positioning them to better meet shifting consumer expectations - something the ‘Big Box’ furniture market has been slow to address. The strategy revolves around reintroducing an established, beloved brand to a new generation of customers and making it relevant to them. We focussed on bringing consistency to the brand while allowing its expertise and experience built up over the decades to shine through.

Sterling bag
Sterling Home Exterior

The brand identity has been redesigned and a name change from ‘Sterling Furniture’ to ‘Sterling Home’ better reflects the brand’s wider lifestyle offering. The new identity is easier to read, scalable and allows Sterling Home to further stand out in its market. The timeless and friendly typeface alongside the name change works to make customers feel at home with the brand. The updated logo appears on signage, shopping bags and screens throughout the new store.

Sterling Home sofas

The new store concept reimagines every part of the customer experience: from arrival to browsing, purchase and delivery. The brand has shifted from taking a product-led approach to an experience-led one. Dedicated zones for Beds, Interior Finishes and Lifestyle Accessories inspire new and existing customers, with products curated to showcase lifestyle settings and collections.

Sterling Home Flooring

As customers enter the store, they are greeted with a large welcome message and digital panels displaying promotional and other key messaging. A new in-store Cafe helps increase dwell time as customers consider their purchases and provides them with a place to relax if they need a moment to themselves.

Sterling’s Managing Director, Gordon Mearns, said:

“Planning for a new store opening was the catalyst for our partnership with D&P, aiming to create a new environment suitable for a rapidly changing marketplace, relevant for our customers, products and services. Working with them has been great, focusing our minds while pushing the boundaries for the customer experience we will be delivering.”

Sterling Home beds
Sterling Home Comms
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