Sportano - New concept launch

Another new project and this time Sportano in Poland, a start-up and digital-first brand for who we’ve created their first physical store experience.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 18. 11. 2022

Physical retail is shifting with the development of hybrid experiences, and once in a while a concept is launched that helps redefines a sector, and the concept for Sportano in Warsaw could do just that.

Sportano is a start-up and digital-first brand, and we’ve created their first physical retail store experience, connecting their online offer with a new flagship store experience to better connect and serve their customers.


The creation of their first stand-alone store in the Tarkowek in Warsaw is a brave move, taking an ex-foodcourt and converting it into a showcase for all that they offer on the web and more. The inherited space is complex but brings great opportunities to create destinations within the space for key services, departments, and product ranges. The total proposition is a unique one, reflecting the clients ambition to create a truly omnichannel offer from the ground up, no preconceptions.


The offer includes Outdoor, Cycling, Soccer and Team Sports, Tech, Winter and Water Sports and more, with ranges from the smallest accessory to large-scale high-value equipment.

IMG 7869

Services include in-store experiences supported by Bike Fitting and Servicing, Equipment Rental and Repair, Testing and Trialing, Outdoor Activities, Order and Collect and a compact Cafe for increased dwell. This is destination, category-defining retail.

IMG 8699

The design is robust, with almost a factory feel, contrasting with a layer of interactive, environmental, and promotional digital messaging that gives it a sharper edge. It is scaleable, with an emphasis on an endless aisle, where no space could ever be sufficient to present all that they can sell. We created the Experience Vision and designed all aspects of the customer journey, planning, store environment, and in-store brand communications with the cooperation of local architects Schwitzke Gorski in the implementation.

IMG 8711

The concept has been a year in development from Definition to Delivery. The client is ex Eobuwie/Modivo, a client of D&P's in Poland, who have already established a reputation for doing things differently.

IMG 7924
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