Social Studio for Pieces

We helped launch Danish fashion brand Pieces new concept in Den Bosch, Holland earlier this month. Read more.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 23. 09. 2016
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We helped launch Danish fashion brand Pieces’ new concept in Den Bosch, Holland earlier this month.

The brand is experiencing great interest from the Dutch market and therefore saw huge potential in Den Bosch as the first new concept store. The store aims to elevate the brand with an experience idea that drives a new level of customer engagement and renewed interest.

Built around the idea of ‘Piece it together’, the store experience gives customers and the staff the opportunity to take part in creating and sharing new looks. Pieces’ goal is to create a store that is a true reflection of its customer’s individual style by tapping into social media feeds, hosting local events and collaborating with style leaders. This all comes to life in an open, inviting space defined as the ‘Social Studio’ which will bring this boutique shopping experience to the mass market.

The new store concept coincides with the launch of Pieces’ new brand identity. The new logo is modern and pared back, celebrating the brand’s Scandinavian legacy and chiming well with the relaxed, easy-to-wear collections. We worked with Pieces to further establish the brand definition and signifiers within the store environment. The layout is designed around the customer, their creativity and their collaboration with the Pieces brand; staff are more accessible, fitting rooms more open and service more sociable.

A large table with a feature ceiling, which signifies the unfolding of the brand pattern scattering new pieces over the table, forms the central focus to the 90sqm store. With integrated service points and carefully curated product, it forms a place for discovery and experimentation.

The soft, light and fresh material palette throughout the fixtures and architecture echo Pieces’ Danish credentials in being both current and timeless. Furniture is purposefully simple, but considered in its design, reflecting the inherently Danish attention to detail that Pieces provides in each of its garments.

The store has no mannequins, a conscious decision to avoid the promotion of fixed looks, instead encouraging the customers’ own creativity through an engaging window screen display, perimeter create panels and mid-floor table displays, all supported by staff acting as style collaborators. The brand will also be working with fashion bloggers and young creatives to share style tips and trends, both in-store and online.

The intention is for the store to be more than a retail experience; the ambition is for it to be a destination for customer inventiveness, creating memorable experiences with a refreshing and independent approach to high street style.

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