Skopes: reimagined for a new era with a bold new identity and flagship

Our new concept for heritage suiting brand Skopes, is now open at Westfield, London Sheperd's Bush. We worked with Skopes to create a destination for all things suiting.

Dalziel & Pow
By Dalziel & Pow
Posted 12. 12. 2018
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Skopes was established 70 years ago in the heart of the Leeds textile industry and is now taking the bold step to transform itself with a revitalised identity and new store concept which opened in Westfield London last week. We worked with Skopes to create a destination for all things suiting, an opportunity to rewrite the rules and stigmas of traditional tailoring brands formats. The store is an occasion in itself a place to educate whilst creating a fun, hospitable trying on experience. A world away from other High Street tailors, the aesthetic is clean, approachable yet playful with design cues taken from the manufacturing floor and foreman’s offices in a 1960s Leeds factory.

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Named ‘The Suit Lookbook’, the store is designed with six distinct zones that correlate with an occasions or ‘look’, be that ‘Dressed Down Friday or ‘Commuting in Style’. Bringing the looks to life are digital screens playing campaign content, Skopes’ unique coloured mannequins, floor-to-ceiling visuals and four motion-censored screens activate key looks on the perimeter walls. Similarly at the store’s entrance digital screens will attract passers-by inside and over the manhole cover at the entrance that’s emblazoned with Leeds EST 1948.

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The store is designed without a cash desk to create a barrier-free and relaxed experience (however there is a cutting table-inspired service desk at the centre), instead knowledgeable staff will accept payments on tablets to give them greater flexibility and provide a more personal, conversational service.

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Skopes knows that shopping for a suit is often a really social activity. In response to this, Dalziel & Pow have put social behaviour at the heart of the concept. Towards the back of the store a plush lounge area with a fully stocked fridge encourages customers to sit and chat while having a drink, charging their iPhones or waiting for a friend. The changing room area is designed with a central mirrored area so customers trying on a look can show their friends or family how it looks from all angles.

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One of the stand-out elements of the store lies in the fitting room cubicles. Each one is dramatically wallpapered with Skopes’ signature brand pattern and is fitted with a light control system – that can create six light scenarios. For instance if trying on a dinner suit, guests can pick an evening light or if they are off to the races, they can choose to see the suit in bright daylight. An ingenious, fun and Instagrammable way to elevate the trying-on experience.

Completing the social experience is the Polaroid Wall where customers can be snapped in their favourite Skopes look and tell their story of the occasion with #myskopes.

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